Evangelist: Nicky Cruz

 og Pastor: Sonny Arguinzoni

Arbejder sammen om at vinde mennesker for Jesus Kristus.
Pastor: Sonny Arguinzoni is a funder of VICTORY OUTREACH:

It is with great pleasure that we share with you this historical event of reaching souls through our "SALVATION SUNDAY CELEBRATION" with Evangelist Nicky Cruz.

For the past 50+ years, Nicky has been traveling around the world reaching tens of millions of people who are desperate to find hope. His life story has been told in the best-selling book "THE CROSS AND THE SWITCHBLADE" and in the movie by the same title, which starred Pat Boone and Erik Estrada. He is the president of Nicky Cruz Outreach and has been described as the “Billy Graham of the streets” by The Wall Street Journal.

Evangelist Nicky Cruz is a grandfather to our ministry (Victory Outreach International) and pray you are blessed through this powerful message entitled: NO MORE LABELS.

For more information about VICTORY OUTREACH HEART, feel free to contact our administrative offices at 510.240.5000 or log onto our website at http://www.voheart.org. Looking forward to seeing you here. May God Bless you!